If you use the Omnified Shopify App then you don't have to worry about adding locations to the Platform, they are pulled automatically from Shopify. 

You may however have to add locations to Shopify/Shopify POS if you don't currently use Shopify POS in store, as explained here.

Once you have your location(s) set up then the Omnified Shopify POS app will use the location data from the current location  set in Shopify POS for that device.

For example, when a member of staff send product information to a customer i.e. generates a lead in-store, the location information from the current set location in Shopify POS will be attached to that lead.

If you are using the standard email template then the name, address and phone number of the location will be inserted in the footer of email.

This is good for 

  • Reducing spam rates

  • Gaining customer loyalty.

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