If you use the Omnified Shopify App then you don't have to worry about adding users to the Platform, they are pulled automatically from Shopify. 

You may however have to add users to Shopify POS if you don't currently use Shopify POS in store, as explained below.

We define two types of user: 

  • The Admin User

  • Shopfloor Users

The Admin User

When you install the app, an admin account is automatically created for your admin user and this will log you in to the Omnified platform automatically when you access the Omnified app via the Shopify admin backend.

Shopfloor Users

Shopfloor users correspond to your Shopify POS users, which correspond to your shop floor staff. 

If you are new to Shopify POS then you can set up "POS only" accounts for your shopfloor staff, as explained here.

When you set up the member of staff with a "POS only" account they will choose a 4 digit pin which will allow them to quickly login to Shopify POS. 

Once the member of staff logs in to Shopify POS, they will be able to access the Omnified Shopify POS app from within the Shopify POS. For example, they will be able to send product information to a customer.

When the member of staff sends their first set of product information, a user will be created for this member of staff on the Omnified Platform.

When product information is sent to a customer, the lead will be accredited to the currently logged in Shopify POS user's account. The staff member's name can also be included in the email sent to the customer, for a personal touch. You can turn this functionality on or off via the settings page.

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