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Hi, I'm Adam from Omnified. 

Welcome to the platform!

In this short video I'm going to give you an introduction to the platform,  followed by a basic overview of the Shopify App and finally a quick pointer in the right direction with the next steps to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Omnified Platform Overview

Omnified is a platform which can enhance your omnichannel retail strategy.

One of the main aims of the platform is to increase conversion rates in your brick and mortar store.

The platform is innovative in the respect that does this by connecting your brick and mortar and digital channels, hence the "omnichannel" slogan.

The area of Conversion Rate Optimisation is huge in online retail, with retailers employing many devices such as

  • email capture popups

  • abandoned cart emails

  • etc...

But what about brick and mortar stores? 

It seems like analogs of these devices are not currently widely employed...

Here are some average conversion rates from brick and mortar stores from a recent survey. You can see that brick and mortar conversion rates are, on average, much higher than the average online conversion rates, which are usually around 2 or 3%.

However, for a brick and mortar store with a conversion rate of 30%, there are still 70% of visitors leaving without making a purchase so it's still essential that we try and optimise conversion rates in our brick and mortar stores and even more so in the modern retail environment.

So how can improve conversion rates in you brick and mortar store?

Well, this is where the omnichannel aspect comes in.

In a nutshell, the Omnified platform connects your brick and mortar and digital channels.

This allows you to

  • Generate leads in your brick and mortar store

  • Convert these leads by keeping in touch via your digital channels

  • Gain insights into customer and product behaviour, so that you can further optimise the process.

Omnified Shopify App Overview

The Omnified Shopify App consists of 3 parts:

  • The Point Of Sale App to enable your shop assistants to generate leads

  • The Platform Engine, working in background, sending the emails, tracking results etc...

  • The Admin Panel where you can view analytics, tweak settings etc...

Requirements to use the Omnified Shopify App

  • A Shopify website on the "Shopify Plan" or higher

  • An iOS or Android device - an iPad is ideal

  • The Shopify Point of Sale iOS/Android app installed on the device

Shopify POS comes free with the Shopify Plan and above. 

If you currently use another EPOS system in store this is not a problem, you can continue to use your existing system alongside the Omnified Shopify POS app.

The Omnified Shopify POS App

Suppose someone is browsing in your brick and mortar store and that they like your products but they aren't ready to buy yet.

For example, they might be just waiting for a friend who came to buy something, they might be in a rush, they might be unable to decide between 2 or 3 products.... There are many situations where this can happen.

But, at the end of the day, a potential customer might be lost forever... 

This where the Omnified Point of Sale App comes in. The POS app is going to assist your member of staff in turning this browser into a lead!

Basically, we need to enable your staff to easily

  1. Capture the customer's contact details

  2. Send the customer an email with links to the products they were interested in


No it isn't easy and it won't apply in all situations, but we do definitely have a chance, since this person did visit your store and they did express an interest in your products.

Also, we can increase these chances dramatically by removing as much friction as possible from the process.

We understand that brick and mortar retail environments vary dramatically, so the process will need to be customised to your specific case. 

If you're on the Omnified Growth Plan and above then in addition to customising your software, our team can advise and assist with the training of your team, in order to perfect this process.

To assist with generating leads in store, the experience of the POS app needs to be seamless and we've made sure that it is!

To capture the customer details, we use the native Shopify POS app functionality. It's incredibly slick and we felt no need to reinvent the wheel here.

Then, once the details are captured, the member of staff can easily navigate in a couple of clicks to the Omnified POS App and from there it is again extremely quick an easy to send the product information to the customer.

Now, when the customer leaves your store they will have had a great experience, since they were assisted by a helpful and engaged member of staff. They will also have a beautiful, on-brand email waiting in their inbox, containing links to the products they were interested in on your website. 

The Intelligent Omnified Platform Engine

Once the details have been captured and the shop assistant clicks the "Send" button, it's over to our Intelligent Platform Engine to work it's magic in the background.

Firstly, it will ensure that your customer's don't get bombarded with too many emails. For example it won't let exactly the same product information be sent to the same customer twice. 

It can also schedule a gentle reminder email a few days later to remind the customer of their visit. If the customer orders in the meantime, it will cancel the scheduled email.

It tracks the information staff members are sending to customers and tracks customer behaviour like when they opened the email, which links they clicked etc...

While this is happening, the engine is constantly analysing the results. For example, it's calculating the total sales attributed to the emails sent, which gan be a great tool to motivate staff, or to use as a guide when allocating resources to the campaign. 

The Omnified Admin Panel

Finally we have the Omnified Admin Panel, which is embedded inside the Shopify Admin backend.

Here you have

  • A Dashboard to summarise your key metrics

  • A Settings page to easily tweak your emails to make sure they're on-brand and optimised

  • Activity feeds to view customer behaviour

  • Analytics to give you a more statistical view of what's happening

  • A Help Center

  • Live Chat in the bottom right corner of the screen - if you have any questions then you can drop us a line via the live chat

Next Steps

OK, now for the next steps to get you up and running with the platform...

If you're not there already then please head over to the Getting Started Page within the Omnified App.

Then there are 3 steps for you to complete.

  1. First there is a short Onboarding form for you to fill in

  2. Then you can upload you company logo

  3. And finally you're going to create a test lead

Onboarding Form

Since we're going to connect your brick and mortar and digital channels, it's extremely important that we understand as much about your company as possible, so that we can customise the platform for your use case.

The onboarding form is just a quick way of giving us a most basic understanding of the omni-channel structure of your business.

Upload Company Logo

Next you can upload your company logo.
This is going to be used to brand your emails and unsubscribe page.
Uploading your company logo is optional and if you don't have a logo to hand then you can always come back to this at a later date.

Create a Test Lead

Finally you're going to create a test lead and do do this you're going to first create a test customer and then send them some product information.

There's another tutorial on exactly how to do this later on and this is the best way to get a quick grasp of the basics of the platform.

OK, that's enough from me.

We're looking forward to learning about your company and to help you to connect your channels and unlock the potential of omni-channel retail.

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