You can load the Omnified Shopify App from within Shopify Admin backend by going to "Apps" and then clicking "Omnified".

If you've completed the getting started steps then you'll be presented with your Dashboard, which contains some key metrics for the last 30 days.

For example, it contains the total sales which have been generated through the Omnified app in the last 30 days.

At any point, you can always return to the dashboard by clicking the Omnified logo in the top left of the screen.

Within the Admin panel you have a left sidebar, which contains links to the various pages of the Admin Panel.

We have

  •  The Contacts Index page, where you can see all of the contacts generated by the app

  • The Activity Feed where you can see customer activity

  • The Scheduled emails page where you can see which emails have been scheduled and are waiting to be sent

  • The Analytics page where you can get a more detailed statistical analysis of your results

  • The Custom Email Templates page, where you can design your own custom email templates

  • The Settings page where you can customise the standard emails and tweak many other settings

  • A link to the getting started page, in case you want to revisit those steps

In the bottom part of the left sidebar, there is a link to our Help Center and finally a link to your account page where you can choose your plan and see billing details.

All of these pages are discussed in depth in later tutorials.

Finally, we have the Live Chat in the bottom right hand corner of the Admin Panel. Here you can search the Help Center and also chat with us if you ever need any assistance. 

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