The Omnified App provides two standard types of emails

1: Product Info Request
2: Followup Reminder

The "Product Info Request" type should be used when sending product information to a customer and the "Followup Reminder" type can be used to send a reminder email, scheduled a few days after the initial product information email was sent.

By default, the Omnified app has a very robust template for each of these two types of emails. 

These standard emails can be customised via the settings page.

On the Settings page you can change things like

  • The basic styling of the emails

  • The Subject line of the emails

  • The timing of the followup email reminder

  • etc...

You can even add an additional advertising block, or custom css to the standard emails.

However, if you would like to make customisations which cannot be achieved by customising the standard emails, then it is possible to create completely custom email template, from scratch, using HTML and "merge fields".

If you would like to use this feature, then please contact Omnified support so that we can first ensure that what you want to achieve cannot be achieved by customising the standard email templates.

The standard email templates contain additional logic and as a result are extremely robust. For this reason we advise that you only use a custom email template once we have confirmed that we cannot use the standard ones.

Merge fields

Here's a list of available merge fields:

  • {{user.first_name}}

  • {{user.last_name}}

  • {{contact.first_name}}

  • {{contact.first_name.capitalize}}
    (capitalizes the first letter of the contact first name)

  • {{contact.last_name}}

  • {{}}

  • {{products_block}}
    (inserts the requested product info)

  • {{products_intro}}
    (inserts the relevant product intro sentence from the Settings page, depending on whether info for one or multiple products is being sent)

  • {{custom_message}}
    (inserts a custom message into the email, as specified by the member of staff)

  • {{unsubscribe_url}}
    (inserts the url of an unsubscribe page)

  • {{review_request_link}}

  • (inserts an intelligent review request link. This is a the url of either the Google My Business Review page for the location, or the Facebook review page)

Here's an example of a basic custom email template body using merge fields:

<p>Hi {{contact.first_name.capitalize}},</p>

<p>We hope you enjoyed your visit to our flagship store!"</p>



<p>Many thanks,</p>

<p>The team at {{}}</p>

<div class="omnified-location-block">
<span class="omnified-location-name">{{}}</span>
<span class="omnified-location-address1">{{location.address1}}</span>
<span class="omnified-location-address2">{{location.address2}}</span>
<span class="omnified-location-city">&nbsp;{{}}</span>
<span class="omnified-location-zip">&nbsp;{{}}</span>
<span class="omnified-location-phone">{{}}</span>
<div class="omnified-unsubscribe-container">
<a href="{{unsubscribe_url}}" target="_blank" class="omnified-unsubscribe-link">Unsubscribe</a>

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