One of the key aims of the platform is to help you convert browsers in your brick and mortar store, into customers.

A core feature of the platform enables your staff members to quickly and easily send product information to a potential customer who enters your store.

If you are a Shopify merchant, then you can take advantage of the app's deep integration with Shopify POS to send information to the customer.

First please make sure that you have completed the following preliminary steps:

1: Install Omnified Shopify App in your Shopify Store
2: Add the Shopify Point of Sale Channel to your Shopify Store
3: Install Shopify POS on your iOS or Android device

Once you have the apps installed, sending product info to a customer is easy:

Here's a summary of the steps in the above video:

1: Load the Shopify POS iOS/Android app.
2: If you have multiple POS users setup, then you will need to Iogin in by entering your 4 digit pin
3: Go to the Checkout Page and Click "Select Customer"
4: Find the customer you want to send info to. If they don't already exist then you can create them
5: Add the products to the cart which the customer was interested in
6: Click the 3 dots ... in the top right of the screen
7: Click "Send Product Info"
8: Check that the information is correct and click "Send Product Information"

Click here to return the the Omnified Shopify app.

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